Roderic Rosado

NYC Personal Trainer

Roderic is a Personal Trainer specializing in Strength & Conditioning. His fitness career includes training at some of New York City’s premiere gyms including Equinox and Reebok Sports Club.  Over the years he has inspired and motivated his clients to challenge themselves by getting results through hard work and dedication.

Roderic is certified by The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).  Additionally, he holds certifications and expertise in Muay Thai kickboxing, Kettlebells, TRX suspension training, marathon training, integrated flexibility and self-myofascial release.

One of the biggest impediments to advancing physical fitness is a stagnant routine. Roderic’s dynamic style of training incorporates cardiovascular conditioning, strength development, and Muay Thai kickboxing. His workouts provide variety and a challenge that keeps both your mind and body totally engaged.

"Training with Roderic was a game changer for me in many ways."